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Wobbly Tooth

Toby has a wobbly tooth!!!!!

This is huge news because when Toby’s first adult teeth came through, his baby teeth refused to fall out. He ended up with a double set of teeth for a long time and in the end the four middle bottom teeth were removed by the dentist. A couple of years later, one of his top teeth came through but the tooth removed to fall out. So the decision was made to remove his top four middle teeth too. Both times were literally done in seconds with the help of iPad distraction!

However you may have noticed Toby is now missing a tooth at the top. We don’t yet know if there is a tooth in the gum or not, and the decision was made to see what would happen. However when we see the dentist next I think it will be time to get an X-ray done and see if a tooth is lurking if not.

Anyway, today I was cleaning his teeth when I discovered the first of his molar teeth on the right bottom is wobbly! I admit I panicked and phoned the dentist as I couldn’t remember which teeth had been removed and which hadn’t! However it’s all fine and is still a baby tooth! I just hope it falls out ok now or else we could be heading to the dentist again. Originally Published on 29.10.2021

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