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Wii Party

This week Rosie and I have been rediscovering the Wii!

It’s not been easy partly because our TV isn’t central, and we were being lazy and wanted to play sitting down! So it’s taken approx 10 zillion moves of the sensor bar, and several days of aching necks and arms, before we finally worked out the perfect height and place for it to work!

We mainly played Big Brain Academy. It’s been so interesting seeing our strengths and weaknesses. Rosie struggles with the train puzzle and memory puzzles whilst my nemesis is the bird cage puzzle! I can’t track those pesky birds no matter how much I try! Yet Rosie can do even the hardest bird cage puzzles and I love the memory tasks!

Rosie beats me most of the time which doesn’t surprise me! I’m just getting old!

Originally Posted on 16.8.2021

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