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I have a new favourite toy! I have no idea why no one has not got me by the scruff of my neck and forced me to try Widgit Software before. It’s totally awesome! It’s like Clicker but on steroids!

I admit I found it baffling and it took me a week before I got through to the Widgit phone line for help. In the interim I downloaded their ‘verbs, nouns, adverbs etc.‘ apps and their trial of Widgit Go.

Last week we tried the apps out and they were fantastic. In each you are presented with a picture and a part sentence with a gap. The child needs to choose the correct verb eg jumping or digging. It really highlighted how Toby needs to stop and wait and take in all the information before reacting. When he did this, he got the answers correct. If he dived in before looking, the answers were incorrect. This is a fundamental issue with Toby and I’m told it relates to working memory. we find it with speech too.

I loved the apps because on each presentation the words changed. And you don’t need to ‘pass’ a stage. So you can go back as many times as you want and practice. There’s certificates and stars to collect.

I initially dismissed Widgit Go as simply an AAC but it’s not!! It’s an amazing way to build all sorts. So today I have built sentences for Toby to construct about Spring. He’s written about today’s date and weather too. I have set up spellings for him to write, and sentences to order. the last five images are from Clicker Go and are perfect for Toby.

We can set work up in minutes that Toby can write using pictures as well as words. This removes the barrier for reading.

It could be used for very young toddlers and would probably sit well with See and Learn. We are going to try to build some learning new words in somehow. I love that it talks too.

The only downside is that you don’t seem to be able to edit the grids eg if you need an extra cell. I can only see that you have to delete and start again. So it’s better to have too many cells and then turn some off.

The first images are of Clicker Online. I haven’t bought this hence everything is watermarked. This is a word processor with templates. So an adult can easily write a story to print out, or there’s fantastic set of templates eg timetables, games, countdowns etc. I am still trialling it. I know a child who can talk can have their words translated into Widgit - that is so cool! However Toby can’t talk. I love that you can supersize images and font. Good for children with visual impairment.

I initially thought Widgit Online was the version of Widgit that we needed but I think for our use the Widgit Go gives Toby the means to write himself, and for us to properly stretch his writing without his reading needing to be at the same level. It is going to take time to prep but it’s super easy.

Widgit Go costs £49.99 with no licence and compared to Clicker, that’s a bargain. However you don’t get a huge choice of preprepared material, and some you have to pay a little more for. But to be honest, it’s so easy to set up - much simpler than Clicker.

Do take a look. Watch some of their demo videos too.

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