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Well Done Rosie!

Last year we made the difficult decision that Rosie wasn’t going to follow in my footsteps to my old school, but she joined a lovely nurturing school that felt like a family instead. The decision was definitely the right one.

It’s only seems two minutes since she started her new secondary school and Year 7, and now she’s finished.

It’s not been an easy year. Rosie has certainly learnt a lot about how her Asperger’s Syndrome affects her. She’s been able to verbalise how she masks, but also she has allowed the mask to drop at times with positive feedback. Rosie has been bullied and picked on but thankfully through consistent truthfulness school seem trust her and have her back.

Rosie’s exam results were outstanding; she achieved the first ever ‘Governor’s award’ for positive behaviour points and she’s done incredibly well in a host of brand new sports. Best of all she’s made some really great friends.

This tiny scrap is the envelope telling Rosie that she had won one of three Overall Attainment Prizes for her year group at school speech day.

I am so incredibly proud of her. Originally Published on 13.7.2021

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