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Oh my! I have just found one of the best apps ever! It’s called Thinkrolls: Kids Logic Puzzles. It’s one of a number of Thinkrolls apps. In this particular Logic one, the person has to chase their friend by rolling through the maze. You can collect rings that they drop on the way. However there are obstacles en route. We are only on the easy level, but in each stage the child is taught a new skill. So in the first one they had to eat a biscuit to progress; then in the subsequent stages they had to move a crate; pop balloons; move rocks to crack a pathway; bounce on jelly; put out fire and use lifts. It’s meant to teach the fundamentals of coding, and planning ahead. What is good is that if the child fails to pass the stage, you can repeat it immediately until they get it correct. So the child is learning by their mistakes. However it’s been hilarious seeing what happens if the planning was incorrect too and we have all laughed lots tonight! What was interesting with Toby was at first he wanted to do every action on the screen, but he’s slowly worked out that you don’t need to do all the actions, and that you need to do them in a particular order. They take a bit of thinking about but the difficulty builds up. At first it’s just one action, but then the child has to plan several actions to move the person on through the maze. Toby was instantly hooked and I’ve had to take his iPad off him to go to bed!! Even Rosie was desperate to have a go when Toby got stuck!! I’ve now invested in the rest of the Thinkrolls set! I’m quite sure both children will be having a play…I may even have a sneaky go too! Originally Published on 6.12.2021

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