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The Shopping Basket

Today Toby has done some absolutely superb work. School kindly supplied us with a copy of 'The Shopping Basket' by John Burningham; and some cut out fruit and animals.

We found some YouTube videos to read the book so that we could follow. We then counted out the correct quantity of shopping items and wrote them up.

Later on we counted the items out again, and then used the animals to take an item away each time. we wrote these up as subtraction sums.

We identified Number 25 as the correct door to drop the note off at.

What impressed me was Toby's fluency at counting; his understanding of the task (switching between 'what' item and 'how many' was very challenging for Toby); and his recall of numbers from memory - both locating numbers on a number line but also writing them down from memory. I helped with the spellings however Toby's writing was so much neater and again he has letters (both sounds and written shape) now coming from memory. This is making writing much easier.

I was SO impressed at the many skills that went into these pieces of work. Its another huge step forward in progress. Originally Published on 13.5.2021

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