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Taking Good Advice

I haven’t been well this week. I had had a cold for about two weeks before turning into sinusitis this time last week. It was awful. My lovely GP sorted me out and I’m on the mend but I am SO ready for half term to arrive!

2 more days to go for Rosie. Toby officially only has one more day but his tutor will come in as usual on Friday morning.

Toby and I have spent lots of time snuggling under our Buggysnuggle Sofa Snuggles watching Peter Rabbit, doing IXL and exploring Google Earth.

I had a fab phone call with The Maths Mum this morning. I love how she brings me back down to earth to remember that whilst doing a process in maths is great, there must be the underpinning understanding along with independence. Toby’s tutor was fantastic and immediately implemented some of the ideas I had been given. Thanks Maths Mum! I really appreciated your time today. Originally Posted on 20.10.2021

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