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Teach me Too

The freedom of educating your child at home is that there are no rules, set curriculum or boundaries as long as your child receives an education suitable for their their age, ability and aptitude and taking into consideration any special educational needs that they have.

Educating Toby has been a challenge over the years. At the start of the pandemic I had no idea how I would get Toby to sit down and work, and the thought of him ever being self motivated to lead his own education was laughable. However amazingly Toby loved working at home and very quickly he was doing worksheets, IXL or Clicker on his own.

My back still isn’t good, so I have been finding alternative ways to educate Toby this week which mean I don’t need to sit upright on a chair for hours. This has to be coupled with finding the right time where Toby is ready to engage. This has meant we have done a lot of IXL or Clicker in bed. Last night we completed a Christmas activity book which was fab because it was at the perfect level for Toby to do. I’ve bought a big pile of Christmas books for us to read each day and Toby got a Peppa Pig book advent calendar. Yesterday we started the huge job of writing Christmas cards to his classmates - fantastic handwriting practice!

Today has begun with Teach Me Too which Toby adores. If you haven’t discovered Teach Me Too yet, it’s a series of online videos specifically designed for children with Down’s Syndrome. The videos cover speech, cognition, mathematics, expressing yourself creatively more. It’s clear under each video what the contents are. They are totally fabulous and a fun way to learn if your child is iPad obsessed like Toby is! Highly recommended by us. Originally Published on 2.12.2021

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