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Teach me Too

This morning we have builders in fixing our kitchen floor. They have been here since 9am and once they finish laying the scree, it needs 2 hours to set.

Keeping Toby out of the kitchen aka jigsaw central until lunchtime is no mean feat! However so far we have passed the morning away watching back to back educational videos from Teach Me Too.

Teach Me Too is a simply awesome learning programme for children with additional needs but it was specifically written for children with Down’s Syndrome. There are two sections - the first is Speech and the second is Cognition. Cognition has a stage 1 and a stage 2. They cover so many important concepts like big / little; counting; heavy / light; money; weather; animals; early reading and even toileting.

Importantly Toby absolutely loves the videos. They are SO child friendly; super visual; with slow step by step stages. He will happily sit and watch the videos all day long.

I can’t recommend this fantastic programme highly enough. Originally posted on 15.5.2021

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