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Sunday working

It’s Sunday evening, and mid way through tea, Toby decided he was going to do some letter practice.

Toby picked up some really bad letter writing habits when he was younger which seem to be totally ingrained now. Quite honestly they really don’t matter but I would like a ‘f’ to have a top!

Today has been about 5-11 vaccinations. I was not chuffed when our local radio announced that ALL eligible 5-11 year olds were being vaccinated today with them getting their second dose in 8 weeks. However we still have not heard anything at all, I contacted the radio station and they reworded the next news bulletin. They then interviewed me for the news for tomorrow morning.

I’ve waited SO long for these vaccinations to arrive. Yet I found out today that parents of non eligible children are managing to bypass the system and get vaccines for them BEFORE CEV / CV children. I’m fuming about it.

I think it feels even frustrating because I’m now on a count down to tribunal and the end of primary school for Toby. We don’t know when Toby would be expected to move schools. Sadly because of transition to secondary school a Y6 challenge seemed easier than a Y7 one. So we are going for a Y6 place. It’s not what we wanted but long term is more important than short term. So the earlier we get this vaccination, the sooner Toby can be bacj with his classmates again. As things stand this may well just be one week IF we can get a vaccination this coming weekend. If we don’t get an appointment then he may never return back in class with them. So timing could be crucial.

Last week the LA threatened to get us struck out of tribunal. However we simply pointed them back to all the information they already had acknowledged as understanding! I‘m hoping there’s no delay now but nothing would surprise me. It’s all just one ridiculous giant game.

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