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I got Toby soundbops for his birthday. Toby adores music and this seemed a perfect visual way to teach him to play music in a little more grown up way.

The discs on the base can be moved around to any location. They can be stacked in 2’s and 3’s to create chords. I bought an extra set of bass bops which gives an octave below too which makes the chords sound great. There are optional books too with progress charts and stickers in.

Toby picked up very quickly how to play the tunes which was clearly rewarding especially if he knew the song.

He is finding it tricky to always put enough pressure on each peg to create the sounds (his hypotonia), but that makes it excellent fine motor skill practice.

I’m really pleased with it.

It wasn’t cheap, but to be honest there isn’t much else that would interest Toby now aged 11, that he doesn’t already have.

Originally Published on 15.7.2021

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