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Sore Mouth Remedies

Poor Toby has a sore mouth. He used to have this almost permanently at school and it’s been one of the positive side effects of being at home. I believe it’s caused by him chewing / sucking his fingers which used to be calloused and often bleeding. It’s a sign of stress. I just wanted to share my go to remedies. The main remedy we use is Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream - the original ointment one rather than the white cream. It sticks to the skin even if the child wipes it off. It’s a godsend for any skin condition - we originally used it for Rosie’s sore fingers when she used to have to finger prick. The other thing we use is hydrocortisone ointment. This was a fab find, because again the ointment sticks to the skin rather than being wiped or licked off like cream does. We use it very sparingly but it helps. If all else fails Vaseline is fantastic. Toby often gets impetigo around his mouth, and we use Fuciden cream with a bit of Vaseline on top to try to keep it on. The best time to apply is whilst your child is sleeping!! Originally Posted 1.12.2021

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