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Rosie and Toby 2020 Update

It’s 3 years since I first set up the Rosie and Toby blog. Unfortunately life got in the way and I didn’t have time to update it so I closed the main blog. We are now in June 2020, in the middle of the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic. We have been in lockdown at home since March 15th, which is nearly 12 weeks. All 3 of us are vulnerable for different reasons, and whilst some schools in England have reopened, ours hasn’t as yet to any children other than keyworkers children. This time period has been a really positive time for us. I’ve relished having the children at home. They are the best of friends and we all get along brilliantly. Although at first I found myself boggled by where to begin home educating the children, I found a pathway through. I’ve been writing our daily activities on my own Facebook page throughout and I have been wishing I had a blog still to write on. But I don’t currently have the time to set a formal Blog back up again. Then someone mentioned a Facebook blog and I remembered I still had this page. It’s easy for me to write on my phone too, as I quite simply don’t get time for myself to write on my PC these days. I’ve kept a diary every day since I was a young child. As computers came into existence it later became a Live Journal until Best Buggy and work took over and Facebook became my journal. However I’m delighted to have remembered about this space and be able to write again. So we start at Week 12 of us being at home, and will continue, and see where we go. I’m likely to put some retrospective pieces in short term just to have them on record or as explanation. So here are my gorgeous children, Rosie and Toby. Rosie is 11 years old and Toby is 9. Toby is 10 in a few weeks time. They are my world and I love them so very much. First Published 5.6.2020

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