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Removal of CEV Status

Today, I and others who are, or who are related to people who are, Clinically Vulnerable or Extremely Clinically Vulnerable, are in the most difficult position they have ever been through the Covid pandemic.

The removal of restrictions is putting people in impossible situations.

Covid hasn’t gone away. Vaccines have certainly helped but they aren’t a guarantee especially if you have a condition where you are unable to have one or like Toby, you are too young to have one.

So what do we do?

I was asked this week by someone in LA education if Toby’s consultant would rescind their recommendation for him to stay at home until vaccinated, or we agree for him to return.

But why?

He’s still extremely clinically vulnerable to a virus that is still out there.

The autumn term is probably the most critical time because with no bubbles and no requirement for contacts to self isolate, Covid is just going to rampage through schools.

With Long Covid affecting hundreds of thousands of children (7% primary age and 8% secondary age) why would I put my children at risk of something that may affect their lives and futures for years; or could even kill them.

Rather scarily children with Type 1 Diabetes are at the top of the list for children most likely to have complications from Covid. But Rosie can’t have the vital protection afforded to Toby.

All of a sudden the last little bit of protection has been removed.

Yet Toby still remains Extremely Clinically Vulnerable and Rosie remains Clinically Vulnerable.

Rather than removing restrictions for us, we now must take even more precautions than ever.

Very scary times under a government who seem to think just taking ‘usual winter precautions and seeing a gp’ is enough.

Yeah right! So that’s why the whole country has been locked down for over a year?

What happened to protecting the vulnerable but especially about protecting the vulnerable children who can’t be vaccinated but yet will be expected in schools in September.

It’s crazy! Utterly crazy!

*EDIT thankfully Toby’s consultant has written saying she sympathises and is happy to continue to support Toby being protected at home. I like her so much right now. Originally Published on 7.7.2021

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