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Project Baseline

Today Toby completed the Foundation Stage 6 month assessment of Project Baseline for The Maths Mum / Maths for Life.

Whilst we haven’t done much of the Maths for life programme because we only signed up at the end of the summer term, and we are only 4 weeks or so into this term, Toby was SO much more fluent. Last time the assessment took us ages - across several sessions. Today we completed everything in under 40 mins. Some sections Toby completed really quickly. Others he needed help to read key words, and other areas we need to work on. It was good to see where he’s made progress, and how his reading has improved. But it’s great to be able to identify what needs looking at as next steps.

Next we need to complete the level 1, 6 month assessment.

Toby was rightfully very proud of his great work. Originally posted: 13.10.2021

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