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Precious Family Time

Yesterday we visited my sister and family. My dad and wife were there too briefly, It was probably the first time for many years that the whole family had been together in one place. All of us are vulnerable so we had been very cautious through the pandemic. Aside from just being able to catch up with each other, my highlights were seeing Toby playing on the piano. It’s made me resolve to find him piano lessons in the new year. I did start to teach him quite successfully but life got in the way. My nephew showed us how to solve a Rubik’s cube in seconds. I have still no real idea how he did it but I now have two Rubik’s cubes en route for Christmas. Best of all was seeing Toby curled up with my beautiful niece who has Rett Syndrome. He was stroking her hand and instructing her dad to stroke her hair whilst she slept. Toby kept giving his cousin her teddy. Toby was so gentle and caring towards her. Just lovely to see. It was a few hours of family time after nearly two years of isolation. Originally Published on 23.12.2021

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