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Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems

Today we changed our bedding for washing. Both Rosie and Toby are wrigglers, and have issues with bedding!

It made me think about some of the adaptations and solutions I have had to put in place either to help the children or to keep them safe. I thought I would share some of our solutions.

Rosie has magnetic duvet pins to hold her duvet in place inside the covet; otherwise the duvet ends up like a ball in one corner!

Toby has elastic duvet clips which go underneath his mattress and clip on at either side of his duvet to stop it falling off his bed.

We have a number of these Hippychick mattress protector absorbent sheets which are superb.

We use magnetic locks on our cupboard doors to stop Toby opening them although we did need to find stronger glue.

We had to invest in this fab Joseph Joseph locking knife block to keep knives safe. Expensive but worth it for peace of mind.

We have several of these push button extension leads. One is used for Toby's sensory pod. It meant that from a very young age he could press on the button and set all his sensory lights off. Another gets used for the Christmas tree so that Toby can put the lights in without playing with the actual socket. We also have a couple of wifi extension leads too.

We struggled to find heavy duty bed guards but these metal ones have been fab.

We also have other child proof items like a garden tap lock; combination locks on cupboard doors threaded through handles; a back to front combination pad lock on the garden gate to stop Toby escaping; and a special chopping board over the hob which covers the gas knobs (after Toby turned one on one day!)

Photo credits to Amazon where we purchased all these items from.

Originally Posted on 16.5.2021

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