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Maths and Shops

I have loved home schooling both children. I can’t pretend it’s easy and I have to be very organised. But sometimes one thing inspires another.

Today’s warm up activity of matching the egg halves inspired using the Learning penguins to find the same number. This then rolled into an visual numerical ordering task. Then we showed Toby how numbers 11-19 look visually, by joining the ten and unit ice blocks together. That then became a number ordering task to try to show the patterns in the numbers between 1-10 and 10-20. We did some telling the time, sequencing, reading and English work too.

To finish off I quickly ran through coin values and thought that I was finished! But Toby had other ideas. He went to the cupboard and started to get tins and jars out. I realised he wanted to play shops (a game that Rosie started with him at the start of lockdown), so I called Rosie in and they had fun playing shops before tea. First posted on 15.6.2020

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