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Pink Lining Little Lady Rucksack

It is nearly time to go back to school, and this means a new clean medical bag! We love Pink Lining bags because they are so hard wearing and a perfect size for Rosie’s Diabetes kit, without being too large to carry. We love the rucksack style which means Rosie can carry the bag using the handle on the top, or sling it over one shoulder, or put it on her back. Rosie’s kit bag gets a lot of wear and tear. It gets thrown, dropped, put in and out of the car, put under pushchairs etc. It is probably the hardest working item in our home. There is a large inner compartment for all Rosie’s medical kit, and the smaller front zip compartment keeps smaller items such as batteries and plasters safe. We love the Pink Lining ‘Little Lady’ ladybird design and Rosie is pleased to have a lovely clean, fresh bag to start the new school year with. Originally posted 1.9.2017

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