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Pancake Day

Pancake day was enjoyed by us all. I have no idea why we don’t have pancakes more often as they are so easy to make. I adore savoury pancakes! Toby doesn't like sweet things, apart from donuts, yoghurt, fruit and custard, so he had his plain.

Today should have been tribunal day. It feels frustrating having to wait now when everything could have been sorted. But that’s how it goes.

I had a bad night with both children. Toby was wet, and Rosie had a sensor failure at 2am. It’s horrid waking a child in the night. Rosie is always so good about having to fix things even when they hurt.

I’m sat listening to Toby with his fab tutor this morning. He’s done some great speech practice. His reading is much clearer. I must try to video some. We have all been working on counting in 2 and 5’s (he could already do 10’s), and are just translating these to money and time. I’ve loved listening to Toby counting in 2’s.

I really hope Toby’s new school keep up this academic side. My biggest fear is that he will regress again. I’m not even sure school is right any more. This 1:1 working really works for Toby. It’s bespoke and following what he needs most. Speech and maths / English for life.

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