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Off to School time!

After a morning of education at home, Toby spent the afternoon in school. He was raring to go!

With a non verbal child it’s very difficult to talk about what happened in their day. But talking about school is such an important part of the day for most children.

Toby has a home-school book which is such an important communication tool, not just to pass messages along, but so I can sit afterwards and I can ask questions and talk about the subjects written in the book. It gives an opportunity for speech practise.

Toby also has a home-school iPad. This too is a vital communication tool for us. Toby loves getting it out when he gets home, and showing me the pictures of his work and what he has done.

Today I asked Toby whether he had seen his main friends. Watching his face light up as I mentioned each name was totally gorgeous. This is why Toby is having these two afternoons a week in school (technically outside) - to maintain and foster his friendships and the communication and socialisation opportunities. I’m delighted for Toby that he got time with his friends today. Everyone needs friends. Originally published on 6.9.2021

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