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Numicon Money

This week we have been doing some more on money. We taped coins to Numicon pieces to reinforce the value of each coin.

Toby knows each value of the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p pieces but I wanted to reinforce that there were X number of pennies in each coin.

We placed pennies onto each Numicon circle to the value of each coin. This was a really useful and visual way to understand values.

We then moved onto counting out pennies into pots. We asked Rosie to be banker and Toby worked out that he could give Rosie 2 pennies and receive a 2p coin back. The same with the 5p and 10p. Toby worked out himself how to reduce his pennies down to the smallest denominators.

I was so impressed. We will definitely do this task again. Originally Published on 14.5.2021

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