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Numberule Rules!

Today we tried out our numerule for the first time.

We went over the numbers in black, but with hindsight I wish I had just written bigger numbers on the other side.

Toby works brilliantly with a number line, so it was like having a touchy feely number line.

This was our first try. With this set of sums I wanted Toby to get used to pressing the buttons so we pressed a button for every object that we counted. Toby has always struggled with finger pressure so even this part was quite challenging. However it’s fantastic finger strengthening practice - a really good tool.

The second set of sums we did, used numerals. This is an easier task as they give Toby the visual memory clue on the page, thus making it an easier task than having to hold a counted number in memory. The task in the image is double the work as Toby has to count and retain the number first.

With the numeral sums we started at the first number i.e. 7+2= we pressed the number 7 down, and then counted on.

Toby did get stuck at the end of the blue buttons - he thought he couldn’t go any further and I had to encourage him several times to keep going into the white numbers.

I think the numerule a brilliant concept and I’m excited to have it to use. However I think I need to have a think and see if I can find some non slip pads or blue tack to secure it to the table. I wish it had a little more of an angle as I kept having to pick the ruler up to show Toby the answer because once you press the numbers in, they kind of disappear. However you need the ruler to be solid and flat in the table because you have to press quite hard. Also because you have to press hard, it’s easy to press in more than one button at once. However again this is all fantastic fine motor skill training.

I’m going to have a bit of a think. Grandad may be able to mount it onto a wooden sloped plinth.

I don’t want to sound negative about this product because it is absolutely awesome. But I would love a slightly bigger version, with bigger numbers, as it’s a tad small and fiddly for Toby’s imprecise fingers. I also want a 100 rule one. We absolutely will be using it lots as it’s SO much easier than using bricks or objects. Originally Published on 1.10.2021

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