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Nighttime Learning

Learning doesn’t have set times here. There was time before bed to complete a Clicker Connect set and revise cones and spheres on IXL.

Toby wears custom made Slumbersac UK sleeping bags every night. We originally got one to test and since then we have had loads in different sizes and togs. The largest ready made size lasted until Toby was approx 9 years old. I then asked Slumbersac to make us some bigger ones up, but adjusted at the front to be lower as we wear them with the zip up the back. These are fab. Toby still wears pull ups at night and they stop Toby undressing himself on a morning and getting mess everywhere. They also protect the bed from getting wet if there’s a leak (often!). Plus they keep Toby warm as his preferred sleeping position is on his front with his bottom in the air! We are massive Slumbersac fans! Originally Posted 10.10.2021

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