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Mastering the Nintendo Switch

The photo is of Toby who after just 2 goes on the Switch and no tuition at all; managed to work out how to put the TV on; choose the channel; put the Switch on; choose the game and get it playing. He’s mastered multiple controls all at once to play the game too. Even I can’t flipping do all that lot!!! There’s some brains in there somewhere….. He is playing 'The Untitled Goose Game" which he absolutely loves. There are various tasks to do, which are challenging Rosie and I, but Toby is then copying. It's not easy as there's approx 5 buttons and a joystick to coordinate at once. The goose is cheeky, so it appeals totally to Toby's sense of humour. Toby controls the goose who can run off with objects and then people run after him chasing. There are places to explore and paths and water to swim down. It's brilliant and a great training ground for Toby to practice the controls without spoiling the game for us.

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