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Lots of Badges!

At the start of lockdown last year, Rosie and I decided to use Pawprint Family Badges as the basis for our educational curriculum. Rosie relished the challenges and we had SO much fun doing them. I have so many fantastic memories of us creating things, playing games, baking and more. It really was a fantastic way to spend the spring and summer together.

Rosie then completed a clutch of Girlguiding interest badges just in time for the return to school last September. She loved making all her own home spa products and exploring bugs with her microscope.

We decided to add the badges to the Guide blanket that she inherited from me. I added on all her Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and various camp and challenge badges. It took hours to rearrange my old badges and add on Rosie’s badges!

I finally added on the last Guide badges today. I think we still have some Pawprint badges to add, but I’m all finished for now!

I’m so proud of Rosie for her incredible achievements and determination to complete as many badges as she could. Originally Published on 5.9.2021

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