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Lotherton Hall

My biggest fear when Toby was born with Down’s Syndrome was the impact it would

have on Rosie; and whether having a sibling with DS would ever impact on her negatively, especially with her friends.

However right from their first meeting, Rosie took ownership of Toby - he was HER brother - and she wanted to be involved in every way. In fact we had to put Toby in his own playpen at times for his own protection!

Today’s photos really show up the amazing sibling bond that Rosie and Toby have. I’ve never known two children be so close. They utterly adore each other. It’s clear in these photos how much each loves and cares about the other. It’s two way too.

All of these photos were captured naturally as they were playing or sitting. Look at the way they hold hands or look at each other.

They had a fantastic play session together. Laughing, swinging, climbing, on the seesaw and zip wires. Rosie helped Toby onto the equipment and made sure he was ok on others. Toby cheered Rosie on from the sidelines too. Proper childhood magical memories. Lotherton Hall and Gardens - free with a Max Card Originally Posted on 2.9.2021

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