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Lazy Start

Wednesday morning. No rush this morning thankfully. I’m feeling exhausted after being awake with Toby around 2am and treating hypos with Rosie at 5am. In the holidays broken sleep isn’t an issue as we don’t need to be up early, but the relentless routine of early starts for school means the tiredness and exhaustion soon kicks in. I always make sure I am awake to see Rosie off but it’s lovely then to spend time with Toby. We often do Clicker, IXL or other apps first thing.

This morning Toby surprised he though. He disappeared off and ate breakfast (which is what he usually does). He then usually returns to ask for iPad time. This morning he returned with a basket full of dry washing and helped me to put it all away! I was most impressed! He’s since brought us both a drink and hoovered without being asked!

I’m going to tidy the kitchen and then sort out all Toby’s reading words before his tutor arrives. Today is her first day in her own. I really hope Toby engages. It’s going to be awfully strange for me to have time to myself. Originally Published on 8.9.2021

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