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Laughter is good for the soul

Tonight we have laughed and laughed and laughed until we couldn’t breathe….quite literally! I’ve never seen Rosie move so fast and actually put my inhaler in my mouth! But it was so good to laugh!

I had worked all day prepping speech and language work for Toby. I did nearly 100 sheets of work ready for the next week or two. I’m even debating whether to try selling all my SLT worksheets on eBay because I’ve already got hundreds prepped! I had a conversation to check everything was ready for the Tribunal Case Management meeting on Monday.

The children enjoyed an afternoon outside. Toby was raring be outside again at last! He loves the garden.

Rosanna meanwhile despite being very publicly vocal about hating jigsaws (I’m sure she’s even written a jigsaw hating blog post about it on her ‘Being Rosie’ blog….) decided to take over my newly started jigsaw and has been doing it all day. When I finished my work she then absolutely would not let me finish it! You can see the look of mischief on her face! She then was not impressed when Toby and I insisted on finishing our alternative jigsaw before bed.

I‘m trying teach Toby to help at home. He's fab at doing washing or dishwashing amongst other things. However whilst I’m encouraging independence, Rosie likes to keep control. This means the two clash terribly at times. Rosie just wants Toby to stay out of the way. So when Toby took the dry washing upstairs, Rosie had an absolute fit! She drowned me in warm tumble drying, on top of my head, whilst she screamed and squealed frustration at not having the ‘correct’ laundry basket, and chased Toby through the house to get it back! It was hilarious! I’ve not laughed so much for ages.

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