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Kind People

Oh my! One of the best parts about this journey with Toby have been the acts of kindness by individuals and charities. It just so happened that I pulled this image out today which was taken at the CAFT Children's Farm last year which is a fabulous charity which gives children with disabilities access to a farm, playground, woodland etc. However this morning I have had another amazing kindness. We are doing a particular speech programme with Toby and his SLT asked for us to buy a copy to use at home. I phoned up this morning to ask how to pay, and the lovely man, after hearing how Toby was left with no SLT by the NHS, and how their programme was working so well, kindly gave us a free copy of the part of the programme that we needed. How wonderfully kind that was of him. Things like that mean so much. Thank you to that lovely gentleman. I will update how we get on with it as we go.

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