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Kind and Thoughtful

I’ve hurt my back badly (long term issues). Yesterday I used a wheat bag to give some heat relief. I asked Toby fetch it from the microwave a couple of times. Even that seemed a challenge as the first time Toby emptied the tumble drier, so I had to find a photo of a microwave and sign for him to open it. However he did it. Today Rosanna brought me an ice pack before I went to school. So I’ve laid down on the sofa (only comfy position) with the ice pack on. Toby arrived a few minutes later with a can of coke (too early in the day for me but this is his way of giving me a drink) and some chicken pieces from the fridge (again his way of feeding me). He disappeared again and I heard him put something in the microwave. A few mins later he appeared looking very chuffed with himself with a hot wheat bag in hand!!! Now this has amazed me because a) it’s a different wheat bag to yesterday which means he’s worked out where they are kept b) he just have been watching how many minutes I put the wheat bags in the microwave for yesterday because it’s perfectly warm c) he’s identified that I really needed one because I’m still on the sofa in pain. I keep saying Toby is switched on, but that’s how much. He’s never been shown how to do this. Yesterday I had another example. My very lovely neighbour popped round and kindly brought me my favourite flowers. A few minutes into talking to her l received an important phone call from a prospective school so she left. Toby took the flowers off me. I was talking when Toby appeared with the flowers in a vase! He had cut off the wrapping, cut the stems using scissors. He had got the vase, filled it with water and carried it carefully from the kitchen!! He disappeared and returned a few minutes later with the flower food that he had carefully cut open, and he tipped it into the vase!! When went into the kitchen later, he had tidied everything away with the wrapping in the bin. I really am serious when I say Toby would love a job and is ready for one now! He’s so organised and notices the small details. Many adults would miss the flower food on the packaging and it’s never easy to extract when it’s stuck to the wrapping. How did he know how long to heat the wheat bag for (3 mins)? It’s not the same as when he heats his bread up for tea (30 secs). It was hot so clearly longer than 30 secs. He’s just appeared with another coke for me. He is so kind and thoughtful. Originally Posted on 12.11.2021

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