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Jigsaw Crazy

Toby is a jigsaw addict. Every day he does multiple jigsaws. There's currently 3 in progress in our house today.

Toby was actually really late at mastering toddler wooden style peg puzzles - later than late!! However as soon as we switched to traditional type of jigsaws he was hooked instantly.

I remember approx 3 years ago, our disability social worker was here with his manager when Amazon delivered two new 100 piece jigsaw puzzles. Toby opened the first box and had it completed in minutes. He then started the second!

100 pieces puzzles turned into 150 pieces, then 200, and now 300. Toby quickly worked out that doing the edges first was a good strategy. The issue we have is that puzzles with more pieces take longer. However we only have limited storage space. If we put a jigsaw out of sight, then Toby just starts another one! I have just asked my lovely Dad to make us some larger flat jigsaw boards.

Toby's love of jigsaws I believe is a socially acceptable form of stimming. Toby will fill and empty containers when he able e.g. marbles in a pot; or tidying play food into his cooker; or grass in his mud kitchen pans. I love jigsaws and Toby knows this and its good social time for us.

Jigsaws drive us crazy too as we find pieces all over the place. We have an entire tin of lost pieces. We also have to circulate them regularly as Toby will happily do the same few jigsaws every day! Originall

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