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Independent Learner

At the start of lockdown I joined a number of home education groups and read how children became self motivated after a while of not being at school to seek learning opportunities. This boggled me because I could see no way that Toby would ever willingly want to lead his pathway to learning. I’m not sure even now that he would have done this at the start.

However over the last year Toby has sought out learning opportunities on his own. I’ll often find he’s printed something out using Clicker. Or I get an IXL report saying he’s completed tasks. Sometimes I would prepare work and leave it to do later, and then find that Toby has already completed it without me.

This week Toby has chosen to do some work in this workbook. It’s too easy for him but I guess that makes it fun. Just look how beautifully he’s tried to colour around the holes in the cheese. Originally Published on 24.8.2021

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