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Huff Puff

Toby only drinks milk, water or fruit shoots….until today.

He decided to try his sister’s blackcurrant drink out when she wasn’t looking and liked it. So he poured the rest into his own cup and drank it!

He then refused to eat any tea, so I refused to give him a doughnut for pudding!! So he had a huff and disappeared.

A few minutes later we heard the printer going and put popped a lovely piece of Clicker!! Now anyone who knows Clicker will know it’s nothing obvious how you start it. But also Toby has to find the code to get into his iPad first. So he’s found the code, managed to enter the 6 digit code correctly (recently changed to his birthdate to teach him it as per the Maths Mum’s suggestion), navigate to Clicker, open a grid, complete it, and print!!

Wow! There’s so many processes in there!

Just to add he’s still huffing away, but I don’t mind a huff if it’s so educational!! First Published 12.6.2021

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