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Helping out

I came downstairs to find a can of coke and a box of cooked cocktail sausages waiting for me on the sofa!! That made me smile! Neither are breakfast foods but Toby knows what makes me happy. He’s in a helpful mood today! He put the coke and sausages back in the fridge and then he decided to load the dishwasher for me. I’ve never taught him explicitly how to stack a dishwasher, but he’s clearly been watching. I was bemused because he often empties the dishwasher but I don’t think I’ve seen him filling it before. Toby then moved on and sorted the washing into whites, darks and lighter colours. He tried to put the first load in but I stopped him as his tutor was due, and the spinning would have been distracting. Meanwhile I was cleaning his exceptionally muddy Nimco boots ready for his last day at school this term. It’s unbelievable that it’s the Christmas holidays already. It feels strange not having been to a school play or Carol concert. We do understand that Toby has been videoed and will be singing alongside his classmates at the end of their play. It is really fantastic that he has been included but it’s not the same. But that’s how it is for us unfortunately. Covid seems to be beating on our door even nearer than ever with two people close to us having had it recently. I’m so glad Toby is safe. Not only that but he’s absolutely thriving at home. Yesterday he counted in 2’s faster than he can count in 1’s! I’m sat today creating a document about schools for tribunal, but I honestly can’t see any secondary school being able to give Toby the kind of amazing personalised education that he currently is receiving. Originally Posted on 14.12.2021

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