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Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience

Rosie and I braved the torrential rain and freezing wind at the ‘Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Forest Experience’. It was a very last minute decision but I’m so glad we went. Although the weather was appalling and bitterly cold, it actually helped make the experience really spooky. You could really imagine being in the centre of a forest full of magical creatures. There were some really amazing effects especially of a unicorn strolling through the woods; and a dementor attack. Rosie used a magic wand to conjour up her own patronus. One of the highlights was Aragog’s lair full of huge hairy spiders which fell down from the trees above our heads. Half way round we bought hot chocolate with cream and a flake. It was excellent and really creamy. We had had an early brunch, so the sign of the village appearing in the mist at the end was very welcome. We bought hot roast and roast potatoes. To be fair, although there was a choice of stalls this was the only gluten free food available. We bought some fudge to take home - probably the most expensive fudge in the world ever - so it had better be good! The walk was long, and although what was there really was amazing and magical with fantastic light and sound effects, we felt that they could have made it better with actors dressed up to bring it more to life. I expected it to be quite scary but it wasn’t. It wasn’t busy at all, so we felt very Covid safe. Almost everything was outdoors - even the shop was in an airy tent. My only complaint was the cost. The ticket was expensive for what you got. The food was very expensive too. Thankfully we got a free carer ticket, but even so it still felt expensive. It led to a conversation on the way home about value for money, and both Rosie and I agreed that there were better days out for the same money. I’m glad we hadn’t paid full price. However the trip brought back lovely memories of our trip to Lapland, which was exactly 7 years ago today. It reminded us of being in the enchanted forest with the reindeer in the snow. Happy times! Originally Published on 5.12.2021

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