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Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year! I set Rosie up with a new Facebook account (as she's now 13). I logged her out, tried to log me back in, and Facebook promptly denied me access. I’ve tried everything possible to get back in. The account is there but I can’t get in. I’m absolutely gutted. I’ve cried, ranted, raved, etc. because I’ve lost nearly 20 years of FB posts, photos, comments plus all my messages over the years. I have also lost my Rosie and Toby page on Facebook It’s a massive loss. At the same time maybe it’s time for a change. But I’m really not impressed at FB not being able to get me back on. I’m also gutted that I can’t change what’s there eg if I ever wanted to delete photos etc. but my profile was pretty locked down to friends. I used to love seeing the old pictures of the children pop up as memories too. I’ll admit I’m still smarting and I don’t trust FB any more. So I have set up this website and all the pages from Rosie and Toby have been transferred across and so this is where we will be from now on, Yes I’m absolutely gutted but I need to pick myself up and carry on….. Here’s to 2022 being a landmark year in many ways! Originally Published on 3.1.2022

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