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Guide Badges

Rosie has followed in my footsteps, and in those of my mother, by becoming a Girl Guide. My mother was a Brownie. I became a Brownie when I was 6, and then became a Guide. I got lots of badges and thrived on achieving them. Rosie hasn’t got that same motivation to want to achieve, but when she sets about a task she does it well.

Last week I encouraged Rosie to attempt some interest badges whilst she has time. So she made an extraordinary plan using a Learning Board. She planned to achieve 5 or 6 badges over the next few weeks.

So this week has involved learning about human rights and creating a board game; learning about the positive properties of natural ingredients, creating recipes and a brand and then trying them out (the exfoliating scrub was excellent along with the citrus cleanser but I wasn’t keen on banana skin therapy!) We have researched geocaches and Rosie has cooked a war time meal. She has created me a new sewing box which involved organising the old one. She’s been meditating and has taken enjoyment in doing a jigsaw or two. She’s made a detective kit and looked for fingerprints; and she’s packed a bag to last for 72 hours. She’s also been exploring human biology using her microscope and a drop of my blood! She’s also monitoring our electricity at present and I’m expecting an education this week on saving energy!

I’ve already started my energy saving contribution by getting the washing outside on the line in this beautiful sunshine. Whilst it dried I sewed Rosie’s badges from Rainbows and Brownies, along with the Pawprint Badges that she achieved early on in lockdown, all onto my old camp blanket. It looks amazing and I hope Rosie gets to use it next summer around a camp fire or two. First published on 25.6.2020

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