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Great Memory Toby


It’s only about a week since we changed Toby’s ipad number to his date of birth after reading this is how The Maths Mum taught her son his date of birth.

A week ago Toby couldn’t even put the 6 numbers in his iPad correctly - he got them all muddled up or even did two numbers and then randomly jabbed at any number.

But he soon worked out that these numbers inputted correctly opened his iPad.

We gave him the numbers on a scrap of paper which he’s carried around the house with him ever since. We were only joking tonight that we needed to make him a new card with the numbers on because it’s all screwed up now.

But then this happened!!!!

Wow! This was such quick learning.

I’m blown away partly because children with DS are meant to have poor memories; but also this has been such a short time scale to learn it in. Maybe 25 attempts including the wrong attempts?

When I tried it, I never expected Toby to grasp how to learn the numbers. I’m amazed. It’s amazing what happens when you push and have high aspirations. Orginally Posted on 14.6.2021

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