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Google Earth

This is the face of a child who has discovered Google Earth and that he can demonstrate his knowledge of the routes to school and back; and to his sister’s school and back (I did help speed the Motorway part up)!!!!

Wow! Just wow!

He’s now attempting to find his way home from his Granddad’s house!

Toby had a major huff when I took the iPad off him for lunch!

Best geography lesson ever! Just to add we started with a jigsaw of the world sent home by school; then a couple of You Tube videos of the solar system; then identifying the UK on the jigsaw; and then finding it on Google Earth; before finding where we live.

The fact you can zoom in and out from a familiar place to above Earth, and back has to be the best way to teach a child about where they live on Earth!! Originally Posted on 30.6.2021

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