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Fresh Start

Today I finally can start writing new posts. I have transferred all my Rosie and Toby Facebook posts to here. So now our story can continue.

You find us as Toby is making really obvious day on day progress with his speech. He’s just shown his tutor that he will pass his spelling test this week.

Rosie is at school. She is working so hard. She’s really settled down this year with friends etc. although her ASD is still coming out more and more.

Apparently her teachers are very kindly sticking her work in her book as she has revealed she can not stand the noise of scraping glue sticks. I offered to buy her liquid glue. But apparently she can’t stand the sticky feeling either! I’m

not entirely sure many people do

like sticky glue; but school have been very understanding.

Meanwhile I am trying to get my head around SEND Tribunal number 2 after hearing Toby has been allocated a secondary school that I don’t want. The whole school situation is horrific. When parents, professionals and even teachers in the schools are saying a school isn’t right, why is a child’s future pathway decided by a tick in a box by someone who knows absolutely nothing other than the child’s name and they live in the same LA? The school admitted they don’t even read the child’s EHCP because they are expected just to tick the box.

Toby needs the right school for him. My job is to try my best to get it.

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