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Flu Vaccinations

We all had our flu vaccinations via injection tonight.

The first year that the flu nasal vaccine was offered to children, both children had it. Two weeks later Toby was fighting for his life in high dependency with pneumonia caused by the vaccine. He had two weeks in hospital. Toby’s lungs now don’t work at full capacity and originally he was on oxygen at night. This is why Toby is CEV and still not in school.

We were forced to remove the oxygen after he got the tubing wrapped around his neck several times in the first few nights. He had to be watched overnight by a nurse and eventually we decided the danger of strangulation was more than the low oxygen.

It’s the first year since that I’ve even thought about having the flu vaccine injection, but Covid has brought home how dangerous treatment flu is. So I booked the injections, and hopefully this time none of us have any side effects. Originally Published 3.11.2021

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