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Flare Calmer Noise Reducers

Rosie struggles with background noise especially in class. Her ASD makes certain noises irritating and even unbearable.

I’ve been looking at trialling Flare Audio Calmer ear plugs for a while, but Rosie had been really anti them. I think she was worried in case anyone spotted them in her ears and wondered what they were.

A couple of weeks ago I asked again and she agreed to try a set. I bought her some Calmer Mini translucent ones. They fitted perfectly.

Rosie has been really surprised how much noise they have cut out whilst leaving her able to hear everything that she needs to hear.

She has commented on how she can’t hear some of the background noises that niggled her including car noise, the noise of the hoover, some of Toby’s noises, high pitched noises etc. She says that other noises are dulled so that they don’t annoy her.

She notices more how much noise there is when she takes them out!

I thought they may be a 2 min wonder, but she’s worn them every day since they arrived and she has asked me to buy a spare set just in case she loses one. We bought a little screw top case to keep them in which she’s attached to her phone.

I’ve noticed that Rosie is definitely calmer when wearing them. I can tell when she isnt! I’m really hoping that Rosie will fully benefit from using them when she goes back to school in September.

Here is our referral link if you want to try a set of Calmer sound reducers for yourselves. They give a 100 day guarantee and will swap if you have the wrong size:

Flare Audio – Flare Audio Ltd Originally Published on 20.7.2021

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