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Error Checking

I took this video earlier. This is the first time we have done clocks for a while. I actually expected Toby to do this easily and without errors. So I was surprised when he made mistakes.

However the reason I’m posting is because he’s able to realise when he’s made an error; and to check and get things correct. Toby knows he’s made a mistake AND he remembers which was the last card he put down.

I don’t know if it’s pure memory, or whether he counted the clocks (as they are in order - which means he counted on from 6-12 which would be a good skill) or what. But I was very impressed as this wasn’t easy to spot to fix.

Excuse the teeth grinding - Toby hasn’t done it much recently and I’m wondering if it’s because more time is spent doing formal work, with less sensory play, now that the holidays are over. Originally Published on 16.9.2021

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