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Crazy Life

Our life is crazy at present. Juggling tutors, schools, SLT therapists, music teacher etc. it’s a constant diary juggle to manoeuvre it all in. On top of that tribunal is getting nearer. I spent 24 hours last weekend typing solidly and I’m suffering with my hands this week. Rosie got her latest school report this week. She had amazingly gone up grades in some subjects (she was high anyway) but dropped in all languages. Grades are only based on one test or essay which is not very fair really. The progress Toby is making is phenomenal. Listening to him doing SLT this morning so perfectly brought a tear to my eye. Then seeing him sat at the piano this afternoon actually having a lesson, was just something I never thought I would see. His tutor is just absolutely fantastic. I smiled this week as she ditched all her planning and ran off at a tangent following Toby’s interest in dinosaurs. That’s how you have to learn with Toby…you have to follow him rather than making a curriculum fit him! We have shifted the focus to English - to reading, spelling and writing - all linked to speech. Toby’s been making more choices this week. He was telling me what to put on the shopping list which was mind blowing. We have had a lot of "No’s" this week. But also a lot of good decision making too. Every single day I’m seeing progress. It’s such an exciting time. This way of working is perfect for Toby although difficult for me. I’m hoping for the green light on covid vaccinations for Toby next week too, and for Rosie's booster too. That will be such a major milestone for us after nearly two years at home.

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