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CAFT Charity Farm

Today was spent at the small but perfectly formed children’s farm and playground run by CAFTcharity very close to my first ever nanny job in Lymm in Cheshire. It was disabled friendly including being accessible and having wheelchair friendly play equipment.

There were only a handful of families on the large site at any one time, so you barely saw anyone else. I think there were 4 families in total. That made it very Covid friendly, which is why we dared leave our home for our first proper outing for nearly 2 years. It was all outdoors.

We were given a bag full of animal food and a map. The children loved feeding the ducks, goats, alpaca’s, and donkeys. It was bliss to have the animals to ourselves to enjoy feeding and watching them.

I was worried that Rosie would be bored but there were plenty of pieces of play equipment big enough for her to explore including swings and a zip wire. Her favourite place was a wooden galleon with an old piano inside.

Toby meanwhile loved the swings, but he especially loved the woodland area. It had the best mud kitchen I’ve ever seen with piles of mud to cook with in large pans and with lots of utensils. I had to practically drag Toby away from the huge water play area with all its pipes and pools! Toby would literally have spent all day in those two areas if he could!

The sessions are only 2 hours long which is just enough. I think another 30 mins or even an hour would have been fantastic, but we were very happy with our outing. Rosie has even said she would like to go back. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to be chosen for another visit in future.

I loved that it felt so safe even for Toby. I didn’t worry at all about him running off, or getting hit by a swing, or anything else. There was plenty to grab his interest! It was so relaxed with lovely friendly helpers on site. We got a big bag of of my favourite sweets to take home at the end which was a bonus.

To be honest, it was just incredible to leave the house, and see the children smiling and so engaged after so long at home.

It’s been a truly magical day. Originally Published on 19.8.2021

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