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Busy, busy, busy!

This week has been a whirlwind! I have a head full of days and times and I’m trying to make sure that I remember each. My phone has alarms going off at multiple times a day including a random 11am one which seems to have no reason.

Yesterday Toby’s home tutor took her first session without me. When she arrived Toby glued his bottom firmly in his swing; turned to a lead weight and refused to budge. It was the worst possible situation….

So ……I used what is in every parents arsenal……bribery….So I dangled the option to do Google Earth on the iPad. Toby ran for the iPad! Job done! Except I the left the poor tutor with the job of doing an instant lesson using Google Earth! I did then go and print a stack of suitable maps, landmarks, place names etc off to use in a similar situation in future!

Toby then stayed the full 2 hours and I could hear him co-operating well.

This morning Toby was being a pickle running all over and terrorising the kitties. I was dreading having to get him to sit down again. But I need not have worried. As soon as the tutor arrived, he ran and sat at the table, and got his workbooks ready to start! I could hear him talking and interacting brilliantly. Awesome! I’m so relieved.

Rosie meanwhile is enjoying being back at school. She’s finding it very strange now that the school has opened up. There’s lots of new corridors and rooms that they couldn’t access last year. She discovered the library and DVD library today.

She’s struggling though with the busy corridors of jostling children; and being in assembly with so many other children. Unfortunately we have no choice - she has to be in school. Thankfully she’s vaccinated but she won’t have the best protection yet from Dose 1. She still has her second dose to go. Today she had her HPV vaccine in school. I don’t think she was very chuffed as the nurses were not as gentle as the Covid vaccination! I didn’t realise that had two doses too.

I spoke to a reporter yesterday about being a CV / CEV family. It’s awfully strange to know Rosie is in school when we are still staying as safe as we can be at home. It’s like Covid never happened now. I find it more scary for us right now than at any other point.

Rosie got selected for the hockey team. None of us were very chuffed at the 7.15am start on a Saturday morning, but thankfully she already has plans that we can’t change. My ‘keeping us safe’ plan anyway includes things like the children not being in coach with others for extended periods of time.

Rosie is doing Latin this year. Only a small group are doing Latin. I had to do Latin at school and whilst I found it dry and boring - the Ecco Romani text book was all about Roman soldiers - I am kind of fascinated by the connections to current English and other modern European languages. It’s amazing how bits of Latin have stuck including conjugating verbs. I’m going to be interested to see how Rosie finds Latin, and she does enjoy languages. Originally Published on 9.9.2021

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