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Bicycle Made For Two

For some time, we have followed Charlotte’s Tandems, who loan bikes and tags longs to families where someone has additional needs. I’ve been longing to try one out but I can’t cycle any more. So I followed up an advert on a related group where people advertise to be a pilot for others to get out and about.

A lovely gentleman replied and said he would be happy to try Toby on behind him behind his tandem. I was nervous because Toby isn’t a bike fan and doesn’t like his balance bike, although he likes a trike. I also was aware that Toby could flatly refused to get on it and so warned the lovely man in case he had a wasted journey.

He came today with his daughter. Rosie got her bike out too. Toby put his helmet on and couldn’t wait to climb on board. He looked so precarious but off they went! They did several circuits round and the look on Toby’s face was priceless. He was so happy. Toby told us when he had had enough but I was so incredibly proud of him for trying and doing it - all with a man he had never met!

What’s so lovely is that the gentleman gave up his time to give something back. Today he’s put a smile on one little boys face and got him out and about. I’m really grateful to him and his daughter, for their time and effort. Originally Posted on 1.6.2021

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