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Bespoke Halloween Brownies

Rosie has Coeliac Disease. This means she has to be gluten free. All children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes get screened for Coeliac Disease, and unfortunately a biopsy came up positive. Rosie is very lucky because to date, she’s never had any obvious effects on the super rare occasions we know she had contact with gluten (we are really careful but occasionally it happens).

When she was first diagnosed aged 5, there really wasn’t much choice of gluten free food. We used to get bread on prescription but other than a few biscuits, food in supermarkets was so limited. Since free prescription food got removed, the choice of food has exploded in supermarkets but also from other suppliers. We now get treats delivered from different companies - pies, doughnuts, cake, sausage rolls etc. but our absolute favourite treats come from Bespoke Brownies.

I’m not gluten free and I defy anyone not to love these gooey, fudgy, chocolatey amazing brownies. They are so good that their salted caramel brownie has won an award. They do amazing loaded slabs where you can choose your own toppings - fab birthday presents. We are massive super Bespoke Brownie fans!

I decided to treat Rosie and I, to their Halloween box! Just look at the level of detail in these! Rosie is so excited and I can’t wait to share!

Which one would you choose first? Originally Published on 29.10.2021

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