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Back to School for Toby

Back to school for Toby!

I was dreading this morning in some respects because I wondered if Toby would settle down to work again after 8 weeks off. I also hoped he hadn’t forgotten everything too.

However I need not have worried. Toby was super keen to sit down and start work. He immediately counted numbers up to 20 - amazingly he correctly counted several in his head which is a new skill! I was gobsmacked!!!

Toby correctly identified the 4 smallest coins and did some addition. We write hands on the clock for o’clocks easily. We reinforced number bonds to 10 too. We did a piece of Clicker as well.

Toby’s numbers were very unsure so we will work on writing those in the coming weeks.

We are learning to write his surname using magnetic letters and by writing it.

Toby is very fortunate this year, as he has a lovely tutor coming to teach him at home. Toby is also going to school for two afternoons. He was so excited this morning to see his uniform on the table for later. He keeps trying to put it on!

I’m glad he’s so happy. This year should be a great combination of home and school. Originally Published on 6.9.2021

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